Geoportal of the Dniester River Basin

About Geoportal

The pilot geoinformation Internet Portal of Dniester river basin is designed to facilitate information, collection, processing and exchange on Dniester river basin, done by number of organizations on the territory of Ukraine and Moldova, as well as by international and local organizations. The aim of the Geoportal is to collect and systemize the priority information and data at national and basin-wide levels in order to support joint assessment and management of the Dniester river and to increase public access to information resource.

The pilot Geoinformation Internet Portal includes spatial data, as described on the Spatial data layers page, and some monitoring data over the whole territory of Dniester river basin, provided by partners in Ukraine and Republic of Moldova. The Geoportal also provides various monitoring data sets, which were the results of work of different groups participating in Dniester III Project. More detailed information on the content of Geoportal can be found on the following pages: Spatial Data Layers and Monitoring Data.

The GIS database of the pilot Internet geoinformation Portal of Dniester river basin allows exploring, analyzing and uploading the pilot data in accordance with Data access policy.

A database structure is available for filling the system with selected regularly monitored parameters such as water abstraction, water discharge, flow monitoring points, sanitary monitoring, and hydrochemical monitoring conducted by water agencies and other bodies.

The further details on functional capacities of the Geoportal can be found on the Technical information page.

The Geoportal is currently hosted by GRID-Arendal web-site. In the future the Geoportal is going to be hosted by the countries.