Geoportal of the Dniester River Basin

Maps and Graphics

The Dniester GIS database contains more than 30 layers/themes. For your convenience we have created 23 maps highlighting key spatial layers. These graphics can be downloaded in raster format on this page.

Click on the map to download high-resolution version.

Basemap. Relief Basemap. Dniester River Basin
Flow monitoring points Sanitary monitoring
Hydrochemical monitoring points Hydrochemical monitoring from the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Centre
Hydrochemical expedition results. Sample points Hydrochemical expedition results. Turbidity
Hydrochemical expedition results. Benzol Hydrochemical expedition results. Triazin
Hydrochemical expedition results. Polyaromatic Hydrocarbon Hydrochemical expedition results. Organochlorine Pesticides
Hydrochemical expedition results. Metals Hydrochemical expedition results. Oil products
Hydrochemical expedition results. Chlorides Temperature
Precipitation Slope
Forest Landcover
Soils Truemarble Image
Geocover Image  

The maps presented on this page can be used without any restrictions and licensing, though we would appreciate it if you give full credit to the Dniester GIS project, and link back to the website. Unless otherwise noted, all maps have been prepared by Zurab Jincharadze, based on the materials provided by partners.

The map graphics files show only the essential GIS layers of the Dniester basin and cannot be modified, while the Pilot GIS Portal presents data in a more flexible way. To explore the full database and see the full possibilities of the system, please refer to the pilot Geoportal with an Interactive GIS map service. Using interactive map it is possible to create your own map, with specific styling. More maps and graphics can be accessed though the Dniester Environmental Atlas.