Geoportal of the Dniester River Basin

Technical Information

Geoinforamation Internet-Portal of the Dniester river basin is a portal to the web-resources of geospatial data that allows regulated access of remote users to such functions as search, display and analyzes of information, obtained during the execution of the Dniester - III project on the geospatial basis by the different partner – organizations. The software platform of the mentioned Internet-portal is Esri Geoportal Server.

The main functions of the Geoinforamation Internet-Portal of the Dniester river basin are:

  • Development of web-application of the Geoportl for publication, administration and browsing of resources, collected by different scientists during the implementation of the Dniester III project;
  • Providing the possibility to access real resources through the thematic maps preview windows; 
  • Providing regulated access for different group of users;
  • Providing the possibility of remote filling-in and editing of the Geoportal resources by data providers in accordance with their access rights;
  • Distribution of resources between applications and users through REST API;
  • Preparation of metadata and publication of geodata of the client using the ArcCatalog ESRI.

Geoportal allows 3 major types of users with regards to the level of access to the data and functions: 

  1. Anonymous user does not require the registration to enter the Geoportal, however has access to the limited amount of functions, such as search, viewing the results and resources. This types of user can access only those data, that are openly published.
  2. Publisher allows to download and create resources, using the Geoportal. The resources published by the “publisher” on the Geoportal has to be agreed with the administrator of the Geoportal. Only after this procedure the resources can be found via search.   
  3. Administrator has the access to the administration function of the Geoportal, thought which he/she has the access to all resources available on the Geoportal. The administrator can:
  • analyze and approve the resources located on the Geoportal;
  • control the level of access of users, for instance the level of access “Publisher”.

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