Geoportal of the Dniester River Basin

Content of the System

The development of content for the pilot version of the joint GIS database involved collection and harmonization of relevant spatial data and monitoring data on hydrological, ecological and sanitary characteristics of the basin, as well as some socio-economic parameters (more details).  

The choice of data and layers for the pilot GIS system was based on the priority ecological problems of the Dniester basin identified during the research programme entitled Transboundary diagnostic Study for the Dniester river Basin in 2004 and the availability of data in the organizations working with the basin. It was agreed to create the Pilot GIS system based on 33 geo-information layers. New layers are added, as the work on Dniester GIS progress. The layers are described on the Spatial Data Layers page.

The data on monitoring is now available on the GIS Dniester Portal. Maps with basic layers as static graphic images can be downloaded from the Maps and Graphics page. 

The process of spatial data collection for the GIS database for the Dniester proceeded in two basic ways:

a) small-scale data from global/regional sources; b) collection and elaboration of data from national sources.  

A draft regulation has been developed to regulate information exchange, update and use of the GIS Dniester Portal. It has been reviewed by both countries and was ready for adoption in 2009. However, the regulation was not adopted. Administrative reforms and changing priorities in 2010 meant that Ukraine decided not to finalize the adoption procedure. The draft is available in Russian here.