Geoportal of the Dniester River Basin

Environmental Atlas of the Dniester Basin

Based on the information, prepared for the pilot version of Geoportal, as well as additionally collected information, the  Environmental Atlas of the Dniester Basin was prepared and published. 

The Environmental Atlas of the Dniester is the first attempt to present the environmental state of the transboundary river in a visual format which includes over 30 thematic maps of the basin, graphics, diagrams and pictures. The target groups for the Atlas are specialists in environmental protection, as well as authorities and population in the Dniester basin. The vivid graphics of the Atlas are designed to get attention of the general public and to raise awareness to the environmental problems of the river. The Dniester Environmental Atlas is going to be distributed among the Dniester basin managers, in public schools and universities in the region, free of charge.

The digital version of Environmental Atlas of the Dniester Basin.
Dniester Environmental Atlas