Geoportal of the Dniester River Basin

Inter-Institutional Cooperation

Establishment of inter-institutional cooperation at national and international levels involved building up mutual trust between different institutions and development of common standards to collect and store data, as well as finding the resources for permanent support of the system and filling the  system with new information.

When the project was started in 2008, there was no agreement on the right approach to the joint management of information flows on the Dniester basin, either between countries or within them. More than thirty different State institutions collected and processed Dniester basin data in two countries. However, these data often could not be used by decision–makers and the public as they appeared to be fragmented, incomplete and incompatible. This was because of the lack of consensus on their collection, processing and exchange, time or spatial gaps in the monitoring coverage, the absence of a system to store the data in digital form, and several other reasons. 

By the end of the project there has been considerable progress in this direction - improved cooperation in information exchange among countries and regions; agreements reached on formats and templates for data collection on both national and basin levels; and increased familiarity among State organizations with the information technologies that can be used to collect, store, exchange and analyze data, and in particular with the potential of GIS systems.

The results were achieved by conducting national dialogues with the data providers and by close cooperation between Moldova and Ukraine technical experts via the Dniester III International Information Technical Group members. 

Workshop on Pilot Dniester GIS system, Tiraspol 2010

There are more than twenty data providers in Ukraine and five main data providers in the Republic of Moldova. Seminars and discussion on the national level as part of the project helped to build inter-institutional cooperation and mutual trust between data providers.

The project was developed and implemented by the International Information Technical Group, which consisted of information providers from Ukraine and Moldova, water management authorities and technical specialists with experience in data management, as well as  representatives of GRID-Arendal and the Zoi environmental network. Click here to find out more on Meetings of the Information Technical group on the international level.