Geoportal of the Dniester River Basin

Technological Infrastructure

The creation of the technical infrastructure for storing and sharing information through an interactive web-GIS system allowed the display of the collected data and of some analytical tools which can be used for basin management as well as to provide access to information for interested members of the public.

Originally the Geoportal was developed using the ArcGISServer 9 (2009-2010) platform. To increase the speed and improve the quality of the system the spatial data was reorganized and modernized on the ArcGISServer 10 platform in 2012. The Geoportal Server ESRI has a broad variety of functions that facilitate the management of spatial information.

The system is now hosted by GRID-Arendal and is ready to be transported to both countries for hosting and update.

The development of the Pilot Geoportal continues with the help of other projects and it is expected to make a significant contribution towards sustainable management of the Dniester basin.

The creation of the Dniester basin geo-information system prompted the development of additional systems on the local level:

  • A GIS system and database were created in Ukraine. The system covers the Ukrainian part of the Dniester basin. It is sited in the Dniester-Prut Basin Water Management Department and is available only for professional use. The structure and standards used in the system are completely compatible with the Pilot GIS Dniester system. The data from the GIS on the Ukrainian part of the Dniester can automatically be transferred into the Dniester Basin GIS system.
  • The pilot GIS system was created in Tiraspol. It covers the right bank of the Moldavian part of the Dniester basin. The system was created with open source software as a demonstration version (available here).